Condemned for being plus sized,
Attacked for having a slow brain,
Destroyed for being black,
Beaten till I was left with a mark.
I would lay in bed and remain still
Waiting for the angel of sleep to pass me by.
The next morning, a new day for pain,
I let my mind be washed by the rain.
I had fought so hard to be free,
But the wickedness of this w

orld wouldn’t let me be.
I turned my pain and worries to God,
and he held me close while I soared.
Amaka Oduenyi 🙏🏽


As dark as the night time,
Yet the light that illuminates darkness.
Giving demons a terrible day,
I smiled in bed as I lay.
Walking by buildings,
Accomplishing new missions.
With a head so high,
Waving to friends passing by.
I had become a woman of authority,
A woman working in the supernatural…..
Valerie Oduenyi 🙏🏽


​Listening to the many complaints of parents with some of their wards in a certain secondary school here in Nigeria is quite disheartening. I see no reason why a school should allow their students drink water that has been contaminated. Now this contamination is due to a dead cat in their water tank. So many questions ought to be asked; How did a cat enter a water tank that’s supposed to be closed?  How come the school hasn’t noticed the change in their water?  Aren’t the students complaining?  What is the school saying about this? 

Now my fellow Nigerians, the students according to parents have been complaining but the school keeps trying everything in their power to shut them up. The reason for this I wonder. According to the school, there’s no need to call their parents if they’re terribly sick because they’re being given “the right treatment”. This is extremely wrong. I believe that even if you administer drugs to a student, you have to communicate with the parents and let them know what is happening. But No, our secondary schools in Nigeria must always go ahead and do what they want. This really needs to be looked into. Now according to the parents of this school, the school authorities remain quiet and allow the students ailment to get really bad before they make the decision to call them as parents. I learnt that this has been going on for quite a while, and as a result, the school has rendered some of the parents childless. Do we have to wait for this to happen before taking actions?  Is it till every child in that school dies that we’ll stand up and take a stand against the practices of most secondary schools in Nigeria? What are the authorities doing to curb this? Your kids are dying and we are tired. We keep complaining of parents that take their wards abroad, but now I ask you why won’t they?  Most people take their kids abroad and don’t get reports such as this. In no school abroad would you hear that a kid was being made to drink contaminated water, work as a cook, or do some odd jobs that is supposed to have employees in that particular section of the school. This country is getting from bad to worse and it’s our duty to say NO to this.
I have been lucky enough to attend schools in Nigeria that wouldn’t hear of such happening to any of their students. I have been made to live as royalty, through out my primary and secondary school days. I have witnessed the true meaning of royalty; that was the treatment given to us. Our relationship with teachers wasn’t what the average schools in Nigeria have, ours was a mother-father kind of thing. It was unique. Then we had our high authorities; the principals and the directors (which were women). They made us know we could walk up to them at any time and complain of things we weren’t comfortable with and yes they did change it. This is what we want for all our schools in Nigeria, not just few. We long for people abroad to start saying “my kids MUST school in Nigeria “. We are tired of the complaints, the pains of parents and the tears.

 Now ending this, I’ll say parents aren’t left out. PTA’s have been organized for you all, if your kids can’t complain then why don’t you?  Without you and your kids the school is nothing. They are made up of you and they make ends meet thanks to you. Start talking! Start laying complaints!  Let the public know what’s happening. These kids are yours, the school may be ignorant but you shouldn’t. You might be saying “how would I know when I won’t see them during the school hours or get to talk to them?” But now I tell you, if you’re a responsible and sensitive parent then you should notice changes in your kids when you see them during their visiting days (these days are organized in every school and set aside for parents to meet with their wards).To the government, I’m pleading, I’m a child too and I feel the pains of my fellow children. We beg you fight for us, we are looking up to you, don’t let us down. We might not have voted but yet in our little ways, we campaigned and prayed. We say we want to be like you, but we don’t want to be a non challant government. We are the future, but we need you to help shape this country. Do not destroy it all and then leave, saying we are the future. The Nigerian kids are tired, we want ‘JUSTICE’.

Chiamaka Valerie Oduenyi 
18 years