Condemned for being plus sized,
Attacked for having a slow brain,
Destroyed for being black,
Beaten till I was left with a mark.
I would lay in bed and remain still
Waiting for the angel of sleep to pass me by.
The next morning, a new day for pain,
I let my mind be washed by the rain.
I had fought so hard to be free,
But the wickedness of this w

orld wouldn’t let me be.
I turned my pain and worries to God,
and he held me close while I soared.
Amaka Oduenyi 🙏🏽


As dark as the night time,
Yet the light that illuminates darkness.
Giving demons a terrible day,
I smiled in bed as I lay.
Walking by buildings,
Accomplishing new missions.
With a head so high,
Waving to friends passing by.
I had become a woman of authority,
A woman working in the supernatural…..
Valerie Oduenyi 🙏🏽